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limited editions

artisanal fashion

Our goal is to create designs that satisfies men with high quality standards and individuality.

handcrafted artisanal fashion
handcrafted in austria, italy or portugal

Designed in Austria

All our designs and prototypes are made in Austria. Our metal works such as the metallic table and bags are fully made in Austria.

Handcrafted in Austria, Italy or Portugal

All our products are made either in Austria, Italy or Portugal. For the tailoring, woven and knitting craftsmanship we work with Italian and Portuguese manufactories.


Fair prices for manufacturers and clients

By establishing a long term relationship with our manufactories we can guarantee high quality standards, fair prices and good working conditions for everybody involved in the value chain.


MANUEL MARTE is an Austrian artist and designer.

In 2011 MANUEL MARTE founded with his brother Joachim Marte the Art and Design Studio MANUEL MARTE in Lochau / Lake of Constance Austria.

The brand is internationally recognized for its neo-classic and artisanal designs in fashion, furniture, interior design, accessories and bags.

FURTHER ACTIVITIES: MANUEL MARTE along with his brother Joachim Marte is also a co-founder of WHITE TRUE INNOVATIONS a special construction manufacturer and Xi Gin a local Austrian gin brand.

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